Month: November 2015

Episode 008 Robin White

Here is something I think you will really like!

Robin White shares insights from being on the road, being a contract trainer, and a business owner.




Orange Jello Podcast Episode 007: Patrick Dougher

It is hard to believe another week has come and gone.  As we enter into November, the year is almost gone….

Has your year lived up to the goals you set in January?

This week we have Fred Pryor Seminars, 2015 Rookie of the year sharing his insights, and motivations….

Check it out



Orange Jello Podcast Episode 006: Oginga Carr

This week we speak to Oginga Carr, Fred Pryor Seminars 2015 Partnership Discovery Award and Focus Award winner.  Winning 2 of the top 3 awards Oginga shares secrets to developing a successful structure and mindset.  HE also shares a way for you to directly improve your profits….

Find out more about Oginga, and the HR success Academy