Month: October 2015

A tip from a childhood friend


Pronoun trouble…..I was talking to a fellow road warrior this week on the Orange Jello Podcast… and during the conversation this little cartoon came to my mind.

Is your presentation ME focused, or YOU focused….

This week  after tweaking just a few words in the day, and removing some pronoun trouble, I was amazed to see a significant improvement in sales, and evaluation results…




Orange Jello Podcast 005: Rob Hambleton

Today’s guest  Rob Hambleton…shares a systematic approach to build your success, and some simple secrets to shave time from the learning curve…

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Build Your list and Build Your Business!

One of the questions that I get asked all of the time about building a list of people.

Speakers are awesome at creating engaging content, and breathing life into sometime boring subject matter.  They can stand in front of a group of people and deliver a compelling message, but when it comes to the marketing for the business most of them fall flat.

What if there were a way to drive traffic to your website, capture their information,  and stay in contact with those who may not be ready to buy today.

Well if that is something that you are looking for, then you need look no further…I can help..

Check the Link Below.

The Secret to Your Success!

Orange Jello Podcast Episode 4 Keith New

Yes another episode is finally up!

Now this time we had a few issues, meaning the call dropped a few times during thew call, I did try to patch these as seamlessly as possible, but they are still there….

Keith bring out so KEY benefits to being on the road, and to being an Independent Business Owner!