Annual Independent Contractors Conference 2015

Wow I just got back from AICC (annual independent contractors conference) and what a trip that was! Seasoned success stories, and rookie sensations all willing to share, give and learn from one another. Everyone has something to offer and something to learn.Amazing

This year’s theme was prospecting, and the presentations lived up to the name providing new and enhanced tools and techniques, and even food for thought on how to improve each trainers personal success with their contract training company.

Each year it seems as though nothing is held back. Trainers that make the effort, invest in themselves and show up at AICC, are most definitely rewarded with plenty of spirit, camaraderie,aDaddy Os well as tips techniques and personalized action plans to move from wherever they are to where they want to be. I cannot help but think to myself where else can a trainer go in a competitive environment that offers a cavalcade of talent and experience who embody a giving spirit, and are willing to share for the benefit of all. This spirit never ceases to amaze me as new trainers offer fresh perspective while veterans consistently tweak for higher levels of excellence.Get off the couch

So I wanted to take a moment toexpreDurango Davess my sincere gratitude to all that I got to share in that experience. And I’m already looking forward to the laughter the stories and the success that will share next yearLate Night