Increasing Sales Day 3 of 5

Now that you have done the research and know your target audience a whole better, it is time to get down to business.

One of the first things people will see when they look at your speaker pack title or headline.

If your headline isn’t compelling enough, it does not compel them to action.

To keep attendees interested, your pack title must pop out at them and grab their attention.

On average, 8 out of 10 visitors will read your headline compared to the 2 out of 10 that will read the rest of the copy.

This just goes to show how much your headline has an effect on the performance of the rest of the landing page.

To further emphasize how important your headline is, Movexa split tested a minor change in their headline which resulted in an 89.97% increase in sales.

To create a headline that will grab the attention of users, include the either of the following:

  • How your product will solve their problems
  • How your product will help them achieve their goals
  • Include a specific guarantee

As a general rule, you can use the below formula to create attention grabbing headlines:

The benefit + timeframe to achieve that benefit + relieves their doubt

Double your reading speed in 4 hours or your money back

Create Corporate Policy HandBook in 30 days with Product name, or return it for a full refund…

I changed one of mine from QuickBooks made profitable, to QuickBooks Made Easy, and saw a 25% increase in sales to Non-Profits in the room

Notice that the speaker pack name, or headline is solution based, by using what we have learned in the past 2 days, we can use that information
to create solution based titles that create curiosity, and backed with our daily content, and teaching from the resources attendees see the results they
to achieve, and the way to get there is through the speaker pack.

Come back tomorrow for a time tested and proven formula to get attendees to take action.  In fact you can build your speaking points all day around
this simple 4 step formula towards sales success

Getting More Sales Secret #2


Research Into The World Of Your Target Audience

Once you have made yourself familiar with what your target audiences pain points and goals are, you will next have to put yourself in their shoes.

Many businesses speakers with their content because they are too busy thinking about what they want to talk about instead of what their audience actually wants to hear.

The best way you can learn about the characteristics of your target audience is to take a close look at your customers’ characteristics.

Here are a few things you can do to research into the world of your target audience:

  • Look back at what you have said that has created successful sales in the past as this will give you an idea of what topics your target audience need more education on.
  • Talk to your repeat customers and ask them about their journey and what made them need your resource and buy it. You will then be able to tailor content to form a
    more common conversion pattern.
  • Look at what other trainer who train your topics are doing. If they have already done the research about your target audience then, their content will show this.
  • When you are not on the road, always take advantage of going to other trainers workshops, you never know what you might learn.

Don’t skip on the research before writing your content as you will be writing blind.

You can never know too much about your target audience.

Come Back Tomorrow for What’s In  A Name Creating a Speaker Pack That Will Grab Their Attention

5 Secrets To Better Sales


Content in your seminar room is not about writing fluff, it is focused so
that attendees enter your day and travel through your sales funnel for
the day.

Content is what will persuade users to take the action that you wish them
to take which is why it should not be taken lightly.

To achieve this, though, you must have content that grabs their attention,
piques their interest and entices them enough to sign up.

You must also use content to relieve them of their doubts and instill trust.

This may all seem like too much to ask for however it is already being done
by other businesses and if they can do it, so can you.

As 2017 is drawing towards its inevitable close, I am looking at the goals
that I started with a mere 365 days ago, and numbers do not lie achieving
them was not an easy task.  However, what what once an unbelievable
dream, has become a reality, as as I look back over the year there are a
few things that stand out in helping those goals come true.

Understand Your Target Audience

Before you get too excited and jump in head first and put pen to paper,
you must first take the time to understand who your target audience is.

You could write content that is award worthy however if it is does not trigger
any emotions in your target audience, it will be worthless.

To trigger emotions in your target audience, you must first get to know them.

There are a whole bunch of characteristics you need to learn about your target
audience but the two main things that you need to know is what their pain
points are and what their goals are.

If you know these two things, you will be able to tailor your content to target
these pain points and goals.

They don’t use a general statement such as “get better results”;
use something more specific like
“Double your results in half the time!”
“Cut your tax bill in half, for less than it costs for an hour of your accountants time”
“Get answers to your toughest excel questions without wasting time on youtube searches

Notice how the questions identify a pain point, and an outcome, without an unwanted
task.  Knowing your audience will enable you to identify their needs, and provide solutions.

Once you understand your audience now you are ready to create some substantial
conversions.  Stay tuned tomorrow when I will share the Second Secret of Better Sales


Orange Jello Podcast 2016 Episode 1 Guy Burns

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A tip from a childhood friend


Pronoun trouble…..I was talking to a fellow road warrior this week on the Orange Jello Podcast… and during the conversation this little cartoon came to my mind.

Is your presentation ME focused, or YOU focused….

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